Your passwords are gone!
Only login with your security key or mobile device.

Forget your passwords provides one single login to web and desktop applictions. is a software that you simply install on a company server or use directly from the cloud

Your Employees

  • Become more productive and save time
  • Only need a single logon to access all applications and protected web sites
  • Only need to remember one singe web address -the address of your company's service
  • Can securely work from anywere: the office, home or when traveling

Your Company

  • Become more dynamicy. You can easily add applications and web sites without integration or modification of servers and computers.
  • Regain controll over company owned user account in applictions and web sites
  • Strengthen the logon to applicaitons and web sites using password less logins

Simplicity. Security. provides a perfect combination of simplicity and security that allows secred acess to all your applications from any location.

At work

  1. Logon on to your company pc/mac (ctrl+alt+delete/touch-id)
  2. Enter
  3. Start working with your applications

At Home

  1. Enter
  2. On click login on your existing device
  3. Start working with your applications

When Travelling

  1. Enter
  2. Login without usernames and password with your mobile phone or security key
  3. Start working with your applications

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